Past Show – What’s in a Word?

Slangrel, 2006. 14.5x4.5" Watercolor on PaperTitivil, 2006.  9.5x14.5 WatercolorJollop, 2006.  10.5x14.5 WatercolorWabbit, 2006  10.5x14.5 WatercolorTar, 2006. 14.5x10.5 WatercolorFurbelow, 2006.  8x12" WatercolorHodmandod,2006. 10.5x14.5 WatercolorMouton Enrage, 2006.  10.5x14.5 WatercolorLiripoop, 2006. 14.5x4.5 WatercolorSleck, 2006.  10.5x14.5 WatercolorDrenty, 2006.  14.5x10.5 WatercolorGongoozler, 2006.  10.5x14.5 Watercolor
“What’s in a Word?” was a show developed at the request of Christine Morris, the director, of The History Museum in Great Falls, Montana in 2006.  Scheduled for the month of December and in anticipation of groups of school groups, she wanted it to be geared for children.   Specifically she wanted something fun that would challenge them a bit.

What’s in a Word?”” was the result.   The challenge was for the children to come up with definitions for words – all rarely used, all silly sounding – by looking at pictures illustrating them.  Each word was presented as the title of a picture.  Pencils and paper were available for written definitions or further illustration of a chosen word.    The correct definition was hidden beneath the label, but incorrect and fanciful explanations were equally welcomed.   The goal was to have children discover the joy of playing with words and images.