Sin and Salvation Reconsidered

Frances Carlson and Lisa Easton
September 8 – October 18, 2014
Coburn Gallery | Worner Center
902 North Cascade Avenue | Colorado Springs, CO

In this show Lisa Easton and Frances Carlson take a new look at the seven deadly sins and the virtues by exploring the fault lines of the concept. Lisaʼs work lends itself to an examination of the societal face of morality. She develops this theme through a constricted visual language – her materials, steel and beeswax, are metaphoric, both suggesting collective endeavor, while simultaneously juxtaposing the strength of absolutes with their fragility. Francesʼs work examines the private realm. Using a variety of traditional materials such as charcoal on paper, Frances compresses her vision into an intimate exploration of an individual’s silent struggle to make choices.

Anger, 2014, 11.25x11, pastelCharity, 2014, 11.25x11 pastelEnvy 2014 11.25x11 soft and oil pastelsFaith 2, 2014 11.25x11"  PastelGluttony, 2014, 11.25x11, charcoal and pastelGreed, 2014, 11.25x11, pastel  Hope, 2014  11.25x11"  PastelHope 2, 2014, 11.25x11, acrylic on paperHozho 1, 2014 11.25x11_ Acrylic on paperHozho 2, 2013 11.25x11, pastel and charcoal Lust 1 2013 11.25x11, pastel  Lust 2 2014, 11.25x11, charcoalPride, 2014 11.25x11_ CharcoalSloth 1, 2014 11.25x11 pastelSloth 2, 2014, 11.25x11, pastelTracks (Faith), 2011, 11.25x11, charcoal